Become a Member of the STGN Club

STGN Club is an initiative by the OPW Mall. It invites people to become a part of its community and benefit from its amazing offerings. The membership option is open to everyone. It allows the members to get access to a collection of the top designs from the OPW Mall. The designs, 60 to 100 in number, are selected by some of the top digitizers in the field. The designs from month for which a member has taken membership are available for free. Previous month’s designs are archived and are available at discounted prices. You can even buy the designs at non-member prices. The subscription to the club is renewed on its own unless cancelled by the member.


Join the STGN Club and be a Part of the OPW Community

Subscribing to the STGN Club and becoming a member brings a great deal of benefits that include access to a new collection of 60 to 100 new designs. These designs are some of the finest and are handpicked by some of the finest digitizers. For a meagre charge of $18 a month, you get free designs for the entire month. In addition to this, you can also get individual archives from previous months at discounted prices. The subscription gets renewed automatically unless it is cancelled by you. New designs are added to the collection on a regular basis and can be easily downloaded by members. Click here for more information.