New Design Pack Available to Club Members

OPW Mall club members can get the benefit of free designs from the latest design pack launched by the club. The club membership costs just $18 a month and the membership gets renewed every month without the person having to do anything. The member can stop the membership cycle by manually opting out of the club membership benefits. Fresh designs are added on a regular basis. Previous months’ designs are archived and available to the club members at discounted rates. There are several benefits of being a part of the club. The designs are handpicked by some of the best digitizers in the industry and available for club members exclusively.


How STGN Membership is Best for You

STGN is started by OPW Mall for people who are passionate about machine embroidery and other products. The club includes amazing offerings for its members. The membership is open to all and includes a number of benefits. The most important thing that members look forward to is the access that they get to the beautiful designs from OPW Mall. 60 to 100 designs are made available to members and these designs are specially selected by some of the best digitizers in the industry. The designs from the particular month for which the person holds membership are available for free. The previous month’s designs are archived and the archives are also available for a nominal cost of $18. If you do not wish to opt for membership, you can still buy the designs at non-member prices. The subscription to the club is renewed every month unless it is stopped by the member.